there when you need us

You deserve operational support that is

You deserve operational support that is


Does your business need operational support? Fraction Force Strategies is about finding the solutions to fit your unique operational needs. We exist to offer strategic support and fill your operational gaps. Let us help you identify the roadblocks, give strategic advice, and develop systems and processes to solve problems. We offer tailored and flexible solutions to be the partner YOU need

We tackle operations while you focus on running your business–so that together, we can make your business thrive.


Does your business need to…

Turn goals into results?
Structure or restructure human resources?
Bring on a COO without the added cost of a full-time employee?
Put a system and strategy in place to address challenges?

We help with all that and more. Our team analyzes and executes your operational projects with efficiency and effectiveness. We tailor our services to the exact needs of your business, offering both short- and long-term engagements. We help you build sustainable practices and processes with your company’s future in mind.

Fraction Force is your operational partner who is dedicated to making a difference.



Meet Kerri Burton

Kerri Burton is the founder of FFS and a Fractional COO & operations partner with over 15 years of experience. She is passionate about helping small businesses recognize their operational gaps and developing solutions to fill them. By creating efficient, sustainable processes and setting goals for transformative change, Kerri’s clients can focus on the other important work that drives their business. Kerri has proved herself an invaluable resource for small businesses in need of fractional strategic assistance.

Kerri’s many years of experience come from her operational leadership roles in various industries including healthcare, insurance, transportation, financial services, education, fashion, political action, and nonprofits. She holds degrees in engineering, economics, and leadership and organizations from Vanderbilt University. In addition to advanced certifications in business operations and finance, Kerri is Agile Leader and Six Sigma Green Belt Certified and a Objectives and Key Results professional.


I specifically chose the owl for our logo because it represents wisdom, perspective, and efficient execution. An owl sees 360 degrees, viewing targets and obstacles from above, thus giving it superior perspective. It then employs this understanding to tactfully execute strategic movements to achieve the desired outcome. We want to be your business’s owl!


We want your business to thrive.

Strategic support. Flexible hours. Services tailored to you.

Bring us on as a fractional COO, and we will be there when you need us. With our many years of experience, we are experts at identifying your operational needs and then executing them for you. If you’re a leader who feels like you are working too much “in” your business and not enough “on” your business or needs operational support without the added cost of a COO, this is the service for you. We can put systems in place, manage your operations for a period of time, and take the lead on certain projects–so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

This service is completely customizable based on your needs. Both short- and long-term arrangements are available.

All business leaders know that strategy is important, but most also find it rigid and daunting. We can help lead your strategic planning process so that you walk away with a clear roadmap for your business. We not only uncover your business goals but also ensure the action steps needed are in place to deliver results.

If you’re starting a new business, it’s hard to know which structure or systems you need. We can help you lay your operational foundation. Our team takes the time to learn your business goals and then ensures you have the right systems and strategies in place for a solid, sustainable (jump)start.

Whether your business is a large corporation or a sole proprietorship, it will benefit from an operational review that uncovers your greatest strengths and vulnerabilities. Our review process helps you discover business opportunities, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. We partner with you to develop short and long-term goals that foster transformational change at your company.

HR can be a complicated beast. We know how to help you structure or restructure your human resource functions for the benefit of your employees and your business trajectory. We can assist in a variety of areas including benefits, hiring best practices, conflict in the workplace, onboarding, performance management, company culture, leadership development, and employee engagement. Your company is only as strong as your people; we know how to ensure you’re optimizing and honoring your workforce.

We design workshops with your whole team in mind, bringing leaders and team members together to rally around a common goal or learning objective. Topics include team building, personal development, effective communication, and others. We plan the workshop after consulting with you, and lead the meeting ourselves so you and your team can participate together.

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A young woman in a pink dress standing at her desk, while facing the camera. Behind her is a dry erase board with her business SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) notes.


At Fraction Force, our mission is to offer flexible operations and strategy solutions to help businesses be more productive and profitable.

We believe that all businesses and organizations, large or small, should have access to experienced ops professionals that fit their needs and budget. As a fractional partner, we offer transformative advice and execution–only when you need us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fractional COOs offer operational help that is both experienced and flexible. Partnering with a fractional COO is a great option for businesses that may not need a full time COO, are still hiring, or just need some assistance fine-tuning their operations. Because we are only there when you need us, you can save money while receiving tailored support that helps your business grow.

Great question. We recommend checking out our Services page for more information on our offerings. You are also welcome to schedule a call with us, during which we’d be glad to discuss the right services for you.

Our years of professional experience mean you aren’t taking a risk when you partner with us. Instead, you’ll gain capable hands to solve problems and accomplish the work you need to get done. Our dedication to flexibility means we both tailor our services to you and will defer to you on the number of hours we spend assisting.

Also, we are numbers people AND people people–meaning you get the best of both worlds. Our team has a passion for problem-solving, strategizing, and designing systems, all while staying efficient and saving you money when possible. At the same time, we understand the human side of the work we do, which allows us to proceed with empathy. We genuinely want to know your business and help you solve your operational challenges.

To get started, please schedule a preliminary call with us. In it, we’ll get acquainted, discuss your business goals and objectives, and talk about which services would best suit your current needs. We look forward to connecting!

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